Tour the mansion
Take a tour in time to discover this unique building, its previous owners and the magnificent restoration that brought this place back to life. Visit the private vineyards and see firsthand the fascinating activities that are part of everyday life here. Peek into the finest rooms of the mansion (if not occupied) to unveil the historic highlights.Taste our wine
Our private wine-tasting sessions in the wine cellar or on the terrace will delight amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Learn about the local varieties of grapes and their characteristics, awaken to new bouquets and sample the region’s finest wines, including the Kinterna boutique wines and also the Malvasia-Monemvasia variety, famous for its exceptional quality and reputation. Tips on serving and matching wine are also on the menu.

Cook real Mediterranean food

Embark on a traditional cooking class with the mansion’s Chef de Cuisine. The old stone oven and a variety of ingredients from our very gardens will feature in this culinary experience. You will even have a chance to walk around the estate with the Chef himself to choose what goes into your meal. At the end, just sit down and enjoy the delights you’ve prepared.

Enjoy a liberating horse ride

Going for a ride around the mansion is a true pleasure. If you don’t know much about horses but would still like to go on a ride our horse-drawn carriage might offers a great alternative. Our young guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy a ride with a traditional donkey!

Hike through our vineyards and beyond

Let one of our guides take you to the Kinsterna private vineyards and local footpaths. The vines will unveil their secrets to you as you delight in the hiking paths. Just a short hike above the mansion and over the hill you will see remains of a fort from the Hellenistic period (250 BC). Ask the reception for maps, healthy snacks or picnic boxes for an extra treat.

If you’re feeling energetic – and you probably will in this magic place – go hiking on the green hillsides above the property or even down towards the sea. You can also hike on the E33 European hiking path which connects the Kinsterna with the picturesque village of Koulentia. As you hike these verdant paths, the authentic Greek countryside will unfold all its beauty and simplicity before your eyes.

Bike to the castle

Grab a mountain bike and explore the hills amid the greenery.. If you’re feeling

more energetic head to the castle rock of Monemvasia. Part of this 7-kilometer (4.5-mile) ride will take you by the seashore for a very enjoyable ride. The hilly terrain around the property offers excellent biking adventures, and the Kinsterna has a fleet of bicycles ready for this purpose. There are also some less challenging routes for easy rides if you just want to take in the views and the fresh air.Hunt for treasure
The Kinsterna Treasure Hunt is our own version of the Lost Treasure Hunt game. Follow the signs inspired by the mansion’s long history to reach your prize! This is a great way to learn more about the history of this enchanting place in an engaging, casual way.

Try your hand at fishing
The locals have been fishing in these clear waters for millennia, and now it’s your chance to do the same. A fishing boat from Monemvasia or nearby Agios Fokas, complete with a local fisherman and a staff member from the mansion, will take you on a 3-4 hour fishing trip in crystal waters. The boat can fit up to four guests.

Bake country bread

Let our local village baker, show you how she sifts and kneads the traditional dough. Help her bake the bread in the old stone oven or sit by and watch how she artfully creates hot, sumptuous loaves of bread while sipping a Greek coffee. Adventurous bakers are invited to mix in some local ingredients in the bread such as oregano or cinnamon-raisin.

Experience the art of weaving

The weaving loom was an integral part of local customs. Let a local weaver show you this rare skill. Try weaving two or more sets of yarn with a wooden loom, creating your own designs or pattern. You can also buy specially woven pieces that were tailor-made only for the Kinsterna guests.

Visit the Kinsterna boutique

The Kinsterna private label products or objects of everyday life from the region’s past will fascinate you at this cozy boutique in the heart of Monemvasia. Browse through the different paraphernalia on offer, discover how or why they were used and procure a memento for yourself.

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